In times like these...

Whoever gets closer to the customer wins

Our workshops help frustrated product teams figure out where to focus so they can make better decisions and market smarter.
Thank you for thinking up Customer Camp. 
It feels so amazing to have clarity after so long!
Founder & Event Strategist

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Hands-on Group Workshops
For Entrepreneurs & Product Teams
You've got a good product and happy customers, but times have changed.

As the person responsible for figuring out how to attract and keep more customers, you already know that targeting the right customers, with the right messages, at the right stage  in their journey is critically important. There’s just one problem... 

...what you’ve been doing isn’t really working. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. Silver bullets don't exist (despite what those "gurus" may promise). But, one thing is certain... 

...if you don’t know exactly which customers you should target or what fuels their buying decisions, growth will always feel painfully slow.

If you crave more clarity, and you’re ready to start working more strategically, you’re in the right place. Our live group workshops will help you to...

Identify And Woo Your Best Customers
Figure Out What Triggers 
Customers To Buy
Prioritize Projects And Design 
Your Growth Plan
I like that Customer Camp is practical. It's refreshing to focus on customers because it's something that every single business needs, and yet we don’t always approach our strategy and planning from a customer perspective. I can't think of any business that wouldn't benefit from spending time on these topics. I loved it.
Account Manager, Praxes
Hi, I’m Katelyn Bourgoin.
I know what you’re going through because I’ve been there myself…
The pressure is on. Your team can’t afford to waste time working on the wrong projects. You also don’t have the luxury of spending countless hours learning about customer strategy and marketing trends. You’ve got sh#t to do. Don’t worry — I’m here to help.

I’m a 3X founder turned growth geek. My career highlights include…

Being named as an influential entrepreneur by Forbes

Building a branding agency that was trusted by startups, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies like Target and Holiday Inn

Founding a VC-backed tech startup that Inc. called “the next LinkedIn”

Today I help frustrated product teams figure out who their best customers are and what triggers them to buy (or stop buying).

When teams know who their best customers are and what those customers really want, it becomes much easier to create awesome products and sell more of them.

While many teams know that they should be more customer focused, actually doing it is pretty tricky. Without clear direction you could end up investing a bunch of time trying to put all the pieces together… without making much progress. We both know you can’t afford to waste more time.

That’s why I created Customer Camp!

Katelyn helped me understand the value of truly ‘getting’ my customer which when put in practice helped me to 3x my business in 1 year. No more creating products and content that gets a ‘meh’ response!
Webdesigner & Infopreneur
Katelyn treats Marketing as a Science. She helped us to figure out the buyer persona and interview our customers to ensure our strengths and the major pain points were highlighted on our new website. Since launching the new website our sign up rates have increased more than 3 times.
Cofounder, LeadSift
Katelyn’s customer discovery technique has really helped us put this venture in perspective.
So much so, we just walked out of a pitch competition with 2nd place, and enough money to finance our branding. Thank you!
Founder, Bursity
  • 65% of  marketers "rarely do audience research." The ones that do are 466% more successful.
  • Teams who document their growth strategy are 538% more successful on average.
  • Teams that create research-backed personas see 171% increase in marketing generated revenue
  • Teams who invest in monthly customer research grow 2-3X faster, on average.
We give you the time, space and direction to power through the messy strategy work needed to grow faster.

Each workshop covers one specific topic.
customer Compass
Trigger technique
GROWTH Mapping
Identify Your Most Profitable Customers And Strengthen Your Message
Are you targeting the best customers? If you’re not sure... you’re in trouble. It costs 55% more to acquire a new customer than it did 5 years ago. Businesses simply can’t afford to waste time chasing the wrong prospects.

During this fast-paced workshop we’ll work together to identify your most profitable customer segment(s) and strengthen your value proposition.

Your team will walk away with an actionable customer persona and measurably better messaging… in just one day!

You Should Attend If:
You are not 100% confident that you’re targeting the right customers.
The “spray and pray” approach to growth isn’t working. You want to get your team on the same page so you can work more strategically.
You know you need to clarify your messaging because sometimes people don’t “get” what you do.
What’s Included:
Ranking Tool
Persona Guide
Coffee, Lunch
& Snacks
  • The time our team has spent at Customer Camp has been incredibly valuable. We were able to take some much needed time to think deeply about our customer's needs, and ultimately refine our value proposition. We have already started redesigning our website with our new messaging!
    Founder, Dadavan
  • Katelyn treats Marketing as a Science. She helped us to figure out the buyer personas to ensure our strengths and the major pain points were highlighted on our new website. Since launching the new website our sign up rates have increased more than 3 times
    Cofounder, Leadsift
  • This workshop really helped me to understand why we need to narrow our focus and be even more targeted — niches bring riches!
Discover What Triggers Customers To Buy (Or Stops Them From Buying)
If you don’t know what fuels  your customer’s buying decisions or what specific events trigger them to start looking for a new solution, growth will always feel like a struggle.

Learn how companies like Amazon, IKEA and Intercom use customer insight to pinpoint the specific events that drive customers to buy and the emotional forces that stop them from buying.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of your customers buying behaviours and a set of time-saving tools. The unique research methods you'll learn that have been proven to help teams grow 2-3X faster when applied on an ongoing basis.

You Should Attend If:
Your team is struggling to consistently convert leads into customers and you need to figure out why.
You’re working on something new — like a new feature, website, sales strategy, or marketing campaign — and you want to maximize your ROI.
You know that customer research is important, but you’re not sure how to get started. You need a step-by-step process that your team can implement.
What’s Included:
Customer Research Tools & Templates
Customer Insight Database
Coffee & Snacks
  • Every single minute of these workshops was packed with value and hands-on learning. I think I always knew that customer research was important, but I didn't exactly know HOW to do it. Your guidance was so incredibly helpful. Thank you!
    Founder, Uplift Content
  • This content… is gold… I’m eating it up! The timing couldn’t be better for this as our customer discovery process often feels like aimless wandering. I love the systematic approach and focus on storytelling. Thank you!
    Cofounder, Speakr
Create A Research-backed Growth Plan That Drives Fast Results
Did you know that teams who document their growth strategy are 538% more successful? If you’re ready to stop “winging it” and want to get serious about growing your business, you need a plan.

During this one day workshop your team will work together to develop an actionable growth strategy. Your Camp Leaders (a.k.a. whip-smart marketers, copywriters and growth geeks) will ensure your team gets the 1:1 support you need — without getting overwhelmed or distracted by the endless possibilities.

You’ll walk away with a research-backed growth plan that cuts through the noise, yet is simple enough to actually execute.

You Should Attend If:
You know you should be working more strategically, but haven’t had time to do it properly.
Your team is struggling to decide which projects to prioritize and needs help getting everyone on the same page.
You’re overwhelmed by all the marketing stuff and want some 1:1 help from growth experts.
What’s Included:
90-Day Growth Plan Template
Daily & Sprint Planning Tools
Coffee & Snacks
  • Katelyn’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious. She left us with tools that I will be able to start using right away in my business.
    Co-owner, Nicom IT Solutions
  • Getting to learn about goals and how to make an actionable plan with my team on how to achieve those goals was really valuable. Everyone needs to be more customer focused, so I think that any business could really benefit from this workshop.
    Online Community & Partnership Lead, Swept
Want more clarity, focus and confidence?
What to Expect
Each workshop is fast-paced, practical and hands-on
We don't just teach you what you should do and then leave you all on your lonesome. We give you the direction and tools to actually do the the work during each guided session.
We’ll get out of your office and away from distractions for a full-day strategy session. You’ll finally get the time to do the deep work that you’ve been putting off.
You’ll learn how the teams at Google, Nike and Amazon use brainstorming exercises to get the maximum amount of breakthroughs in the minimum amount of time.
You’ll never feel lost in the crowd during our workshops. Each session is led by growth experts who will give you the 1:1 direction needed make hard decisions with confidence.
Who Should Attend
Our workshops are designed for product teams, but individuals can also attend. They’re ideal for:
Founders  or exec team members who “wear multiple hats” (including heading strategy, marketing or sales)
Marketers  or Salespeople  who want to work more strategically, create more compelling messaging, acquire more leads, and close more prospects
Product Managers or Customer Success teams who want to get inside their customer’s heads so that they can improve their products and overall customer experience
Get closer than ever to your customers. Get so close that you can tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.
Founder, Apple
More Clarity and Focus.
More Effective Marketing.
We’re hosting workshops in various locations across Atlantic Canada. Join our waitlist to be notified about the next workshop near you.

Attend the Full-Day Workshop of Your Choice
  Choose ONE Full-day Workshop
  Templates, Workbooks & Tools
  Coffee, Lunch & Snacks
Attend All Three Workshops and Get Extra Help Along the Way
  Compass Workshop
  Trigger Workshop
  Mapping Workshop
  Templates, Workbooks & Tools
  Coffee, Lunch & Snacks
  Four 60-min Check-in Calls
Mastermind Retreat
Relax, Refocus and Do a Year's Worth of Strategic Planning... in Just A Few Days
  Intensive 3-day Mastermind
  2 Nights Accommodations
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  Done-with-you Customer Research
  Mapping Workshop
  ALL Templates, Workbooks & Tools
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