Caraway vs. Our Place

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How it Works

  1. We compare two marketing assets—like landing pages, ads, Twitter hooks, and more—and explain how each brand uses buyer psychology concepts to drive action

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The Battleground ⚔️

The average bounce rate for eCommerce sites was 47% in 2020

Can you even imagine what it is in the short-attention-span economy of 2022?

Once buyers leave your website… they may never come back. That leads to lost ad dollars and higher customer acquisition costs. Ouch.

Luckily, you can get some inspiration from brands that have cleverly designed their product pages using brainy techniques to decrease bounce rates, boost ROAS, and lowers customer acquisition costs.

In the second issue of Brainy Battles, we’ll analyze: Product Pages.

Meet Your Fighters 💪

It’s a bold move to decide to create a cookware business. Your customers are looking for one-time purchases that last for years.

Our Place and Caraway are no strangers to the reality of their industry. They know they need to bring the marketing heat on their product pages to close the sale—and they lean on buyer psychology to make it happen.

Fighter #1: Our Place Product Page

One look at Our Place’s Product Page and you can tell they’re taking things seriously. There are tiny details throughout the page that nudge buyers towards the ‘Add to Cart’ button and they all have a purpose.

Check out Our Place’s well-rounded product page that creates a marketing experience that seemingly eases all buyer objections.

Our Place - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

Regret Aversion

People like making decisions that come with minimal regret. One Place clearly plays into this with their 100-Day Trial and Free Returns. They lower the threshold of potential regret from the purchase of their Mini Perfect Pot by ensuring their buyers that if they don’t like it — there won’t be any friction in getting their money back.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Perceived Ownership

Our Place could have said “The Mini Perfect Pot replaces saucepans, saucers, sauce pots…” and that “With the Mini Perfect Pot people boil, stew, stir…” Instead they created perceived ownership by adding in the magical words, “you” and “your” to make buyers picture replacing THEIR saucepan and boiling water in THEIR Mini Perfect Pot.

Our Place - Perceived Ownership

Food Photos

Our Place uses images with food in its product gallery. Studies show that using images of food is a great way to capture people’s attention (it’s one of the five highest attention-grabbing strategies!). People can easily recognize a casserole or lasagna in a product photo that makes them daydream about what they can make using their Our Place cookware.

Our Place - Food Photos

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Fighter #2: Caraway’s Product Page

As we bring in our second fighter, you’ll notice some similarities.

Check out the image below — Isn’t it interesting that Caraway and Our Place both use the same color background on their Product Page? And that’s not the only design similarities. This could be a strategic move on Our Place’s part. Our Place came on the scene 3 years after Caraway and may have made their site similar to piggy-pack on the trust Caraway had already built.

While this is just a hypothesis, we can point to 3 clear buyer psychology strategies that are surely driving sales at Caraway, though…

Caraway - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

Social Proof

Caraway wants website visitors to know they’re not the first person to buy this pan. Nope — 2,000+ other people have purchased and reviewed this pan before them. Better yet, they don’t have a perfect 5-star rating. Studies show that brands with imperfect ratings actually sell more. Why? They’re more believable. A little imperfection can sometimes be a good thing because it builds trust.

Caraway - Social Proof


Knowing that their customer base is looking to buy pans that will last them for years (if not decades) means that Caraway aims to increase their customer lifetime value. Not only do they try to upsell visitors with complementary products, but they make sure to nudge their buyers toward purchasing by showing products in the same color scheme as the main product (in this case the Rectangle Pan) so buyers can imagine owning the whole set.

Caraway - Nudge

Framing Effect

Caraway frames their pots as “free of” and “without any of the bads.” This positons their cookware as products without bad chemicals and makes buyers start to wonder, “What’s in my other pots and pans?”

Caraway - Framing Effect

Who Nailed It? 🤔

Caraway and Our Place both use brainy techniques to convert more web visitors into new merchants. 

Which brand do YOU think has the smartest product page?

It was a close race but Caraway came out on top getting 56% of the votes.


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    The Short of It 💥

    Your Product Pages are an essential part of the buying journey.

    Even if your buyers skip through your email series and scroll past your paid ads — they have to interact with your Product Page to get their goodies.

    Create the ultimate great impression by adding buyer psychology that makes your website visitors think, “I’m totally getting this.” 

    And if you liked Caraway’s Product Page design—or envy the design work coming from brands like Coinbase, Shopify, Puma, and other legendary brands—check out Superside.

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    Until next time, happy selling.



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      Written By Katelyn

      Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO of Customer Camp, a 4X founder, and a cheese lover. She lives by a simple mantra: whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

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