Demand Curve vs. Swipe Files

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How it Works

  1. We compare two marketing assets—like landing pages, ads, Twitter hooks, and more—and explain how each brand uses buyer psychology concepts to drive action

  2. You vote for your favorite for a chance to win a prize (worth $997)

The Battleground ⚔️

“Email is dead”

You’ve heard that, right? Well, next time someone says that you can share this crazy stat: every $1 spent on email marketing has potential ROI of $42!

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach buyers, but it comes with a catch…

You have to earn someone’s email address.

Unlike paid ads that directly target your buyers, you have to get prospects to opt-in to receive your emails.

Driving email opt-in boils down to one question: What’s in it for your subscribers?

In the 4th issue of Brainy Battles, we’ll analyze: Newsletter Opt-Ins.

Meet Your Fighters 💪

Newsletters are a BIG business.

In 2020, Morning Brew was estimated to be worth $75 million.

And even niche newsletters (like this one) can be money-makers.

Your newsletter can either be a fun side hustle, focus on promoting your products, or turn into a full-blown 6 or even 7-figure business.

The crew at Demand Curve and Swipe Files recognize the opportunity. That’s why they’ve invested in optimizing their newsletter opt-in pages.

More subscribers = more product sales and higher advertising rates

Which newsletter opt-in page is better? You decide!

Fighter #1: Demand Curve Newsletter Opt-In

Every week, Demand Curve sends marketing insights pulled from industry experts. 

They turn an article’s worth of strategy into a short blurb on how to take action.

No fluff. No extra noise. 

Just what’s working well for other marketers right now.

Check out what brainy tactics Demand Curve uses to show website visitors why they’re going to love the newsletter.

Our Place - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

Authority Bias

We’re more trusting of authority figures—even when it’s irrational, as NessLabs explains

Demand Curve positions itself as an authority on growth by sharing that they’ve distilled tips from hundreds of growth leaders. You’re not just getting a round-up of what already exists online. As a subscriber, you get access to strategies from the thought leaders you admire. 

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Labour Illusion

In the “How do we source our tactics?” section, Demand Curve explains their intricate process for choosing tactics to feature in their newsletter. The team works hard to source the most relevant and effective strategies. By showcasing the labour that goes into each issue, Demand Curve builds confidence that their content is vetted and high-value.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Regret Aversion

The main question people are wondering as they contemplate subscribing to your newsletter is, “Is it worth it?”

We don’t want another fluff-filled newsletter clogging up our inbox. Demand Curve emphasizes that you can join for free to eliminate these objections. They also encourage readers to scroll down to see previous issues, so they feel even more confident that they won’t regret signing up.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Good marketing teams improve the conversion rate of opt-in forms… 

Great marketing teams ensure that the new sign-ups are likely to do business with their brand. 

Phenomenal marketing teams understand how each element of their form impacts traffic behavior. 

Which team would you like to be on? 

Convert Experiences is the A/B testing tool that’s helped 5000+ sites like Sony and Unicef build high-converting, revenue-boosting buyer journeys. 

Here’s How

90+ integrations collect data from your entire tech stack—better hypotheses = better lifts 

Advanced goals let you call winners based on CRM actions like purchases and closes 

Sophisticated targeting to learn what works for different audience segments

Strict privacy compliance

Fighter #2: Swipe Files Newsletter Opt-In

If smart and tactical marketing strategies is the name of the game…

Then we have to include Swipe Files.

Swipe Files shares “cutting edge and occasional crazy” marketing ideas through their newsletter. They differ from Demand Curve as they focus exclusively on SaaS.

But, they’re similar to Demand Curve in adding brainy tactics that play on buyer psychology to their opt-in page.

Let’s explore it…

Caraway - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

Social Proof

Swipe Files opt-in page goes deep on social proof from happy readers (seriously, there are about 30 testimonials featured).

They also highlight well-known readers. If marketers like Amanda Natividad, Ramli John, and Steph Smith subscribe… it’s gotta be gooood, right?

Caraway - Social Proof


Curiosity is a timeless marketing tactic. We’re naturally wired to want to know more. By describing their marketing ideas as “occasionally crazy”, Swipe Files sparks curiosity and helps overcome possible objections to subscribing. 

Caraway - Social Proof

Uses Precise Numbers

Research shows that people who share precise numbers—rather than round ones—are considered more reliable. Swipe Files shares the exact number of subscribers to spark FOMO and build authority. Knowing 10,000+ other marketers are already using these strategies makes website visitors want IN.

Caraway - Social Proof

Who Nailed It? 🤔

Demand Curve and Swipe Files both use brainy techniques to convert more web visitors into subscribers. 

Which brand do YOU think has the smartest newsletter opt-in page??

Cast your vote for a chance to win!

The prize (worth $997)? 

  • A free mini ad in the next issue of Why We Buy
  • A free 15-min audit of one of your marketing assets (maybe your own Product Page?) with specific recommendations on how to improve it

    The Short of It 💥

    Increasing conversions on your newsletter opt-in page directly impacts your sales (whether you’re selling products or ad spots).

    But here’s the thing: every audience is different.

    Even Demand Curve and Swipe Files, with similar marketing-interested audiences, have found different buyer psychology methods to work best for them.

    The only way to find out what works best for your audience is to test it. A/B test your newsletter opt-in page with Convert to amplify your list and sell more products and charge higher ad rates.

    Until next time, happy selling.



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      Written By Katelyn

      Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO of Customer Camp, a 4X founder, and a cheese lover. She lives by a simple mantra: whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

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