🤔 Did you know…

Before Gong, Amit Bendov was the CEO of a different company.

Outta nowhere, sales began to tank. And no one could figure out why.

Until Amit discovered *exactly* what they were missing…

Then used it to co-build Gong: the SaaS company that achieved a $7,500,000,000 valuation in <10 years.

What was the missing link? Keep reading to find out.

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Imagine this…

You’re on a call with a prospective customer. To your delight, it’s going great.

You’ve covered how your company’s software can automate her whole team’s emails so they save hundreds of hours per month.

She says she can’t wait to get started.

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But just as you’re planning which bottle of champagne to pop once you close this deal…

You notice a shift in the client’s tone.

Suddenly, she’s asking pointed questions about the setup and pricing plans.

And with each question, she grows more hesitant.

Now she’s back peddling and making excuses why it may not be a good time to sign the deal.

Oh no…

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You start freaking out, wondering what you’re missing.

But then you remember the same thing happened 2 weeks ago to your teammate, Matt.

And because your company uses Gong to analyze sales calls, you can pull up the transcript to identify the key insights.

Within seconds, you spot it—your client needs reassurance about the pricing structure.

Armed with this knowledge (and relief), you confidently address her concerns with transparent explanations.

20 minutes later, you *do* pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate the new deal.

How did you quickly identify the client’s underlying concerns before you lost this deal?

In today’s special edition of Why We Buy 🧠, we’ll explore a well-known company to see how they use buyer psychology principles in their business.

This week we’re diving into Gong—the company that harnessed customer interactions to become the undisputed leader in revenue intelligence.

Let’s get into it.

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A Look Inside Gong 🤑

Before Gong, Amit Bendov was the CEO of another company that experienced continuous growth.

Until sales began to tank, and they couldn’t figure out why.

So Amit combed through sales calls and emails and discovered they were only getting a fraction of the customer lifecycle.

And despite pouring hours into reviewing CRM notes, most people didn’t listen to what customers were actually saying.

Instead, they used guesswork to make decisions.

This meant teams weren’t on the same page. Seller workflows weren’t efficient. Strategies failed.

And, most importantly, deals were lost.

The solution?

Amit and engineer Eilon Reshef developed Gong: an AI-powered platform that captures and analyzes every bit of the customer lifecycle (including calls, site inquiries, and emails), forecasts the results, and enhances team productivity.

Today, Gong has more than 4,000 clients worldwide—including LinkedIn, Nasdaq, and ADP—who use the SaaS company to grow their revenue on data—*not* opinions.

How Gong Uses Buyer Psychology 🧠

Gong became a billion-dollar company.

But that didn’t happen by chance.

Instead, Gong smartly tapped into buyer psychology on both fronts—for the team members using Gong and the customers on the receiving end.

Let’s dig in.


When they were founded in 2015, Gong made a big, scary bet. Rather than trying to position Gong as a solution in an established market category, they built a new one.

Gong created the Revenue Intelligence category and framed itself as “the undisputed leader”.

(And backed up its claims with stamps of credibility from other reputable companies.)

The result?

Gong achieved one of the hardest things you can do: create a new market category (that buyers actually care about).

Choice Paradox

Instead of having teams waste precious mental energy organizing a million points from customer interactions... (And then trying to decide *which* are the ones that should be pursued…)

Gong uses AI to streamline the customer interaction process and define the key points and best next steps.

Embrace delegation

By eliminating the extra decisions, teams can focus on other pertinent tasks, making them more productive and efficient.

Which means—you guessed it—they drive more sales.


Gong was one of the first SaaS companies to leverage its team’s personal brands to propel growth.

Many team leaders had massive followings on LinkedIn (the primary platform for Gong’s target audience).

And because they’re *also* marketing and sales leaders in a SaaS company, their content deeply resonated with Gong’s ideal customers.

This strategy cultivated a sense of unity within the industry and resulted in an EXPLOSION of growth.

Within ~3 years, Gong’s following on LinkedIn skyrocketed from 0 to 100k.

Thinking About Your Business 🤔

Gong isn’t *an* option in the industry. It’s the leader.

Take some of the marketing brilliance that got them to that status and use it in your business.

Ask yourself…

Q: Are you the go-to in your industry?

Any questions about your authority and credibility should be eliminated within seconds of a potential customer clicking on your website. (Because if someone *does* have doubts, they’ll be gone forever.)

But don’t just frame yourself as a good option. Frame yourself the *only* option.

Q: Are you making work harder than it needs to be?

Whether you like it or not, AI is here to stay. And the marketers and other entrepreneurs who get left behind will be the ones who don’t utilize AI.

Gong is the perfect example of how using AI can streamline your processes, cut down on mental exertion, and drive sales.

How can you use AI to make your work life easier?

Q: Are you spreading yourself too thin on social media?

People want to buy from people (not just faceless brands). Gong leveraged that and used its team’s personal brands to drive awareness and company growth.

But Gong didn’t utilize every single social media platform to do this. Instead, Gong accelerated its growth by honing in on the *one* platform where its ideal audience spends the most time: LinkedIn.

So instead of posting on X, LinkedIn, Facebook, *and* Instagram, identify the ONE channel where you have an advantage and build your personal brand there.

The Short of It 💥

Gong developed a way to efficiently capture and analyze the most important part of marketing—customer interactions.

Without understanding and applying what your customers are actually saying, you’ll lose out on sales. Every. Single. Time.

Remember: Whoever gets closest to the customer wins.

Until next time, happy selling. 


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Written By Katelyn

Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO of Customer Camp, a 4X founder, and a cheese lover. She lives by a simple mantra: whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

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