How to make your ads 22x more memorable

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🧠 Snack: Get your ads to stick in buyers minds

🤓 Breakdown: Make your ads 22x more memorable

🤩 Resource: Two emotional triggers that boost conversions

💡 Spotlight: How this marketer used 2 words to increase prospect buy-in

Brainy Snack 🧠

David Ruben, cognitive scientist and author of “Memory in Oral Traditions”, found that college students could remember a ballad with two rhyming words better than one without any rhymes.

Add rhymes to your taglines, product descriptions, and content to make it stick in your buyer’s minds.

(Use rhymezone.com to help with the writing process)

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Brainy Breakdown 🤓

Cognitive psychologist Jerome Bruner found that people are 22 times more likely to remember a fact if it’s tied to a story.

What if you looked at your ad copy as the fact…and the story your ad tells as the thing you get buyers to remember?

This ad from Audi tells a story that supports the “fact” that once you’re in an Audi, “you can’t stop driving.”

It’s more memorable and attention-grabbing than an ad with a car and ad copy saying, “Can’t stop driving.”

Brainy Tool 🛠️

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Brainy Spotlight 💡

John Harrison, copywriter and Why We Buy reader, realized that two words could convince people to buy a home through the company he worked for.

  • The company gave home buyers the opportunity to buy 5% of the home they wanted.
  • The company would put up the other 95%.
  • Homeowners would pay rent on the 95% until they were ready to buy the entire home.

Initially, the copy said, “Buy some, rent the rest.”

But it wasn’t converting.

John did some customer research and realized people thought they would have to become landlords and rent their houses to strangers.

He added two words, “Buy some, 𝙥𝙖𝙮 rent 𝙤𝙣 the rest,” and, just like that, buyers understood the product.

Here are the 3 lessons John took away from this:

“1: 🔬 Every single word matters

2: 📊 User research is unbelievably powerful

3: 🔮 The curse of knowledge is even more powerful”

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Written By Katelyn

Katelyn Bourgoin is the CEO of Customer Camp, a 4X founder, and a cheese lover. She lives by a simple mantra: whoever gets closer to the customer wins.

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