HubSpot vs Zoho

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Welcome to Brainy Battles

The showdown where your fav brands compete to see who markets smarter​

How it Works

  1. We compare two marketing assets—like landing pages, ads, Twitter hooks, and more—and explain how each brand uses buyer psychology concepts to drive action

  2. You vote for your favorite for a chance to win a prize (worth $997)

The Battleground ⚔️

You work your butt off to get leads to your product pages, yet up to 70% of visitors will bounce right off it.

How do you make your product pages stickier than honey?

Research found that for every $1 invested in improving user experiences, there was a $100 return.

When smart companies apply buyer psychology concepts to their product pages it majorly pays off. Just ask Jeff.

Bezos spent 100x more on improving the customer experience than he did on advertising in Amazon’s first year.

Stick around to see how 2 companies use buyer psychology to optimize their product pages and create an ideal user experience that drives more sales.

In the fourth issue of Brainy Battles, we’ll analyze: Product Pages.

Meet Your Fighters 💪

The MarTech space is very crowded.

How crowded? CabinetM built a directory of marketing technology companies and there are over 15,000+ companies in it 😬

If you want to stand out in this highly competitive market, you’ve gotta work smart to survive.

That’s exactly why we’re analyzing HubSpot and Zoho. Both companies have proven that they can stand the test of time and that they’ve got what it takes to keep growing despite huge competition.

Which brand markets smarter? You decide!

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Fighter #1: HubSpot’s Marketing Hub Product Page

In the competitive world of marketing software, HubSpot is definitely a heavy hitter.

HubSpot was founded in 2006 and quickly grew its market share becoming one of the world’s leading CRM platforms. They made $883 million in 2020.

What brainy techniques helped HubSpot crack 9-figures in sales?

Let’s find out…

Our Place - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

Social Proof

Social Proof seems like an obvious psychology strategy at this point. But, what HubSpot does brilliantly is grabbing different types of social proof that are each designed to answer a possible buying objection.

Is this company legit?

First, they show well-known companies that use their CRM platform. Website visitors see a company, or two, they recognize and feel more comfortable with the idea of using this product.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Possible objection: How do I know the product is good?

Buyers are no longer wondering if HubSpot is legit. They’re moved on to needing to know if this is a platform worth investing their time into.

HubSpot shares social proof of all the consumer awards this product has won.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Possible objection: Do customers like me use it?

Buyers are feeling more confident about their decision at this point, but they’re still left wondering how much of this product page is a marketing tactic versus the real deal.

To ease hesitations, HubSpot uses Vouch to guide its customers to share specific parts of their experience for the most impactful social proof.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

Using different types of social proof geared towards varying hesitations from buyers increases HubSpot’s credibility.

Mere Exposure Effect

HubSpot has a unique marketing strategy that goes beyond this product page.

Not only did they acquire The Hustle in 2021 (a daily newsletter for business and tech news with 1.5 million subscribers at the time).

They’ve built out the HubSpot Podcast Network to create a library of creators that promote one thing and one thing only: HubSpot.

Podcasts like My First Million bring in hundreds of thousands of views and only shout out HubSpot’s products or other podcasts in the network.

Thanks to the Mere Exposure Effect, HubSpot stays top-of-mind as a marketing hub to millions of marketers and founders.

Our Place - Regret Aversion

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Fighter #2: Zoho Product Page

According to Google, Zoho brought in $1 billion of revenue in 2022.

The computer software company’s Marketing Plus product is a unified marketing platform for marketing teams.

Essentially, they realized how scattered marketers’ workflows are and decided to put it all in one place.

Let’s see exactly how Zoho gets its market share in an ultra-competitive industry…

Caraway - Product Page

Why It’s Brainy 🧠

The Priming Effect

What if your marketing efforts led to a $4.17 million ROI in one month? Better yet…what if you had that AND a 49.8% conversion rate?

Sounds like a marketer’s dream.

And Zoho is well aware. They include an example dashboard on the product page filled with very desirable data.

These stats make buyers start daydreaming. That daydream gets tied to Zoho as marketers imagine this layout inside their dashboard.

Caraway - Social Proof

Zoho primes its audience to the idea that these metrics could be theirs one day.

If they decide to go with Zoho.


A nudge is a subtle encouragement that moves buyers toward an intended action. Zoho nudges buyers to sign up for their free 15-day free trial by putting the entire form on their sales page.

Caraway - Social Proof

Rather than making prospects click a call-to-action button and navigate to another page, they show visitors exactly how easy it is to sign-up for free.


Our brains evolved to recognize faces. We’ll avert our gaze toward somebody’s face without thinking twice about it. We’ll even avert our gaze to whatever they’re looking at…usually before our mind even realizes what’s happening.

Zoho places faces on its product page to draw attention to the product preview.

Caraway - Social Proof

These faces help humanize the product. As a cherry on top, Zoho makes the circles with the images bounce slightly to draw even more attention.

Who Nailed It? 🤔

HubSpot and Zoho both use brainy techniques to convert more web visitors into new merchants.

Which brand do YOU think created the smartest Product Page?

Cast your vote for a chance to win!

The prize?

    The Short of It 💥

    The majority of website visitors will leave your product page without taking action.

    If you want to stop wasting money on traffic that doesn’t convert then you can learn a thing (or 6) from these MarTech giants.

    Until next time, happy selling.



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